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Sunday, April 12, 2015

How to share a link to the monthly income of $ 500

Outsourcing difficult time. Despite the merits of working hard to enjoy the game. ''re Frustrated and give up a lot and saw a deal. You have a great job and started a job outsourcing happened, and in a short period of time is very easy? Management "Short Term win" theory, but a proven fact - the big upset win small victory provides inspiration. I am simple and began to share the link with short-time work. Income is not so bad. Available screenshots of my income.

How to Share links to earn dollars : It is actually much more difficult to hear the sound is not too difficult. We estimate net users with each other almost every day, so the download link is sent. There are many different sites that you have to pay a dollar for online sharing. The question is why? What happened to them with the money ,, answer your links, they will be added to an ad. They will see the ads, this time will be shared with others links. This means you will not receive a portion of the advertising revenue from the website. Deserve your fair share!

How to  Link share of dollars:  

1. Site selection and the best rates, excellent stable interface and I, because all payment bin boxes thousand dollars per registration. Register your email and a username and password, with the choice of blue, green, click Add, click on this link and start earning. Became a registered!

2. Site on the right side, in the dress of your account user name and password to sign in. You are now ready for sharing the link!

3. The new paste button, click the Save link. Do you want to share the link at the top of the box. 

4. Select your desired link has been created. Keep a copy for sharing!

Links to share the reality of 5 points:

Without knowing any programming language, computer skills and be able to do the minimum of 1 point.
Less useful points in your hands regularly. Even if two days of the week and time!
3 points will be the beginning of a patient. Four months ago, I came to $ 30 of $ 100 or more a month.
4 points will be attached to the demand for shares. More demand, more revenue sharing link.
The United States, the United Kingdom's Internet users 5 points to your target customer.
Share links dollars - common mistakes:

Share links dollars - common mistakes:

Wrong link. For example, Galaxy, S, and Galaxy six anti Revel show you some links!
From 1 to 100 percent of the ad revenue sharing! Regrettably
With the exception of the test under the umbrella of satire, wild scams greed for the dollar compared to the work site. Hair tear after receiving the payment.


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